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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Wood or Gas Oven? What is the difference? Which model is best for me?
    The most important detail of making an amazing at home pizza is the temperature! Both units, wood or gas reach extremely high temperatures and allow you to create that authentic italian style pizza you know and love! When at max temperature, our ovens can cook a pizza in 90 seconds! Cooking with our wood oven will give you that subtle, wood-fired flavour, with the perfect napolian style crust. When using our wood oven we recommend you use wood pellets to achieve the best cook temperatures, and the aroma of a wood-fired pizza. Our gas ovens are a fan favourite as they are easier to master, and allow you to step away from the oven and enjoy socializing. All gas ovens will achieve and maintain the same temperature as the wood ovens, with less monitoring. The pizza will be cooked to perfection and still give you that authentic restaurant style pizza you crave. When choosing a fuel type, you cannot go wrong! Our Wood ovens provide you total control and a real chef's experience, while our gas ovens simplify the entire process and allow you to do what you really care about - eating your masterpiece!
  • How often should I re-load my wood oven?
    Our wood oven's allow you to master and tailor the process to how you want to cook your pizza's. We recommend that your pellet loader is full before you light the flame, and once your oven is running, and increasing in temperature, you re-load a cup of pellets every 2-3 minutes. However, depending on the conditions, size of your pizza, and toppings, you may find it better to keep it low and slow, or re-load more frequently to maintain that maximum heat!
  • What is the best way to start my Lusso Wood Oven?
    There are a number different ways to get your oven fired up, and ready to cook! Firstly, a simple barbeque lighter will often get the job done, especially if your oven is not exposed to the elements, such as wind or rain! However, sometimes wood pellets can take an extra bit of love to really start burning. If you are struggling to get them burning with a lighter, we have a couple tips and tricks! 1. Try using a butane torch. A higher power flame, will always get the job done, and might even save you a little time getting the oven to temperature! 2. Try using a fire-starter. Fire-starters help disperse the flame througout the entire pellet box and will allow for the temperature to rise in a controlled manner! However, make sure that the fire starter you choose is edible!
  • How do I maintain an even cook?
    When using a Lusso Oven, you are in total control as the cook, but it can be a learning experience! Our ovens can get up to 900 degrees Farenheight which can make the cooking process challenging for new users! Don't worry though, every pizza is a work of art, and we have some tips to keep in mind for all beginners! 1. Make Sure you have your temperature in mind. The temperature of the oven will naturally flucate, so it is a good idea to let it get to temperature before placing your pizza in the oven! This will help you get a more even cook. 2. Flour the pizza peel and pizza stone before you use it. This will allow you to slide your un-cooked pizza into the oven, and not be worried about it sticking or burning! 3. Rotate your pizza every 15-30 seconds depending on temperature! This will give it that authentic napolian crust with even crunch to the crust. 4. Try to keep the front door closed while your pizza cooks! We know it is super exciting to see and very tempting! However, if you open the door too much you lower the temperature and increase your cook time! Lucky for you, we have built a special little dial for you to be able to peak in and check on your pizza! Trust us, it is worth the wait!
  • Will my oven work in colder temperatures?
    YES! Our oven's have the ability to work in most conditions. While cold, winter conditions are not perfect, you are still able to enjoy your oven no matter the temperature. *Please note non-ideal conditions can result in difficulty maintaining oven temperature, and delayed cook times.
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